Imagery Rescripting & EMDR for Childhood Trauma

Recent research (Boterhoven De Haan et. al., 2020) has shown both EMDR and Imagery Rescripting as being effective in the treatment for childhood related PTSD. The presentation is a must of anyone interested in knowing effective trauma treatments. 

IREM was an international multi-centre RCT which compared EMDR and ImRs for adults with PTSD from childhood trauma. Over 155 participants participated in the IREM trial which found significant reductions in PTSD and other symptoms such as depression, dissociation, and trauma-related cognitions. Overall there was only a 7.7% treatment dropout rate and treatment gains were maintained with 81% of participants not meeting PTSD criteria at the 1-year post-treatment follow up.

This trial was the first of its kind and demonstrated that both Imagery Rescripting and EMDR are effective in treating childhood trauma and that stabilisation is not required. 

Learning Objectives

·         Knowledge of recent findings into Imagery and EMDR.

·         Understanding how EMDR and Imagery description can be used to treat childhood trauma and PTSD.

·         How these trauma approaches work in treating trauma.

Presenters: Katrina Boterhoven De Haan & Chris Hayes

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